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Gas Piping Services in the Greater Knoxville Area

Gas Repairs

Gas Repairs

Gas leaks are serious business. If you’ve been informed of a leak in your system, don’t wait to take care of it. Call us right away and we’ll send our best gas tech to make your home safe and sound once again.

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Same-Day Gas Line Installs

Same-Day Gas Line Installs

Looking to run gas lines in your home? Do you want to add the luxury of cooking on gas with a stove or grill? Licensed by the City of Knoxville and the State of TN, we have all the right expertise and equipment to knock out your gas project quickly and correctly. Get all your options today!

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Gas Fixture Installation

Gas Fixture Installation

Did you recently purchase a gas stove or other appliance and need to have it installed? One of our gas techs can give you a custom quote and make sure your new appliance is (safely) rocking and rolling.

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Gas Piping Q&A

What is the process for adding a gas line to my home?

To get a gas line added to your home for an additional gas fixture, first contact your local gas piping contractor (Licensed plumbers or mechanical contractors). At Tennessee Standard, our most common gas line request is to run a new gas line to the stove or fireplace. We will send a gas specialist out to the home to complete the following process:

1. Gas Load Calculation

2. Custom Quote

3. Line Installation

4. Permit & Inspection

The gas specialist must first do a load calculation to determine which portion of the gas system must have the new gas tap and what size the new gas line must be. He will then give a custom quote with all their recommend options and help the client select the best option for their home and budget. At this point, Tennessee Standard will run the gas line after filing a permit with the local authorities. When the line is fully installed, the local inspector will inspect the new line and sign off on the project.

Having a new gas line run can seem like a daunting task, but if you hire a professional plumbing contractor like Tennessee Standard, they will make the entire operation turnkey. From the load calculation, to the official inspection, you can sit back and relax while we deliver a safe and secure gas line to any fixture in your home. Before you know it, you will be whipping up a new dish in your kitchen with that incredible gas stove you always wanted. Call us today and we can make it happen!

Why does my home have gas lines and which ones are gas?

Gas is a powerful and efficient solution for heating a home. Gas can be used with many different appliances to heat faster than their electric counterparts. Gas stoves, gas dryers, gas logs at fireplaces, gas water heaters, and gas furnaces are some of the most popular gas appliances. The gas lines in your home are used to supply the fuel to each of the gas fixtures in your home.

Gas piping in your home will usually be either black iron threaded pipes or flexible gas lines such as Trac Pipe or Flash Shield. The flexible gas pipes in a home are usually either black or yellow. Don’t confuse old galvanized (usually a gray color) waterlines with the black iron pipe used to run gas.

Are gas appliances better?

Gas appliances generally heat faster and are more efficient than electric appliances. Gas burners can heat both water and air more intensely than electric coils that are used in electric heaters, furnaces, and stoves. In the debate of gas vs. electric, sometimes it just comes down to the opinion of the consumer because both are viable options. Most homeowners love cooking on a gas stove when compared to an electric glass top stove, but some clients prefer to keep their entire home electric so as not to have to worry about another energy source. Most professionals recommend gas appliances over electric because they just seem to work better and give better results.

Can I really use my natural gas to supply my grill?

Yes! Good quality gas grills can be converted from propane to natural gas. At Tennessee Standard, we can run a gas line from your gas meter or your propane tank and put a gas valve wherever you keep your grill. When your grill is connected to your home’s gas system, you can say goodbye to ever having to swap your grill propane tanks again!

What’s the difference between propane and natural gas?

Propane is compressed into a liquid state to be sold and transported whereas natural gas is kept in a gaseous state and transported via a pipeline throughout the community. Natural gas is usually found in more heavily populated areas and is supplied by the local municipality through pipelines, straight to the natural gas meter at your home. Propane is necessary in more rural areas where it is out of range of the city gas piping.

Both propane and natural gas work great for heating, but the price of natural gas is usually quite lower than that of propane because a propane supplier has to actually deliver the propane instead of it flowing through the gas main, straight to your home.

Is flex pipe just as safe for gas as black iron?

The consensus between professionals is that black iron is the most durable and safest form of gas piping. However, recent advancements in flexible gas piping have exponentially increased the safety of this product. Tennessee Standard, LLC uses FlashShield CSST (Corrugated Stainless-Steel Tubing) when flexible piping is necessary, because we consider it the safest flexible gas pipe on the market. https://www.gastite.com/us/products/flashshield/flashshieldplus_csst/

Flexible piping allows plumbers to add gas lines where it may be otherwise impossible to add one after a home is already fully built and finished. As a rule of thumb, we always run black iron on the exterior of a building and then run flexible piping inside walls and crawlspaces where running rigid black pipe would not be feasible. That way, the flexible pipe is protected from physical abuse and sun damage that it could incur if it were on the exterior of a home.

Some sources say that flex piping is superior to black iron piping because if a house disaster happens (such as an earthquake), black iron pipe can actually snap and break whereas flexible pipe handle those kind of earth forces much better. These situations are extremely rare but still worth considering if you are in an earthquake-prone location.

Keep in mind that when gas piping is installed by a licensed contractor who has been trained to use commercial piping supports and to perform all the appropriate tests required to complete a gas system, gas is extremely safe. However, if you do smell gas, contact your local gas provider immediately.

Are you a gas licensed plumber in Knoxville and Knox County?

Tennessee Standard is licensed as a plumbing contractor with the State of Tennessee CMC-A license. Additionally, we hold both our gas and plumbing licenses with the City of Knoxville. If you need a gas line run to a water heater, stove, fireplace, or other gas appliance, we can complete it to the highest standards and pull a permit from any of the local authorities in the greater Knoxville area.

I want gas in my home but I don’t have a gas meter. What should I do?

If you want gas but don’t currently have a gas meter, check first with your local municipality to see if there is gas available via a gas main running beneath the street. If there is, you can pay a minimal charge for them to run a gas line to your home and install a meter. Your local plumbing or mechanical specialist can then connect the gas piping from your home to the meter after passing an inspection with local authorities.

If you do not have gas available from your municipality, you can contact a local propane supplier to purchase or rent a large propane tank (Typically 100 gal. to 1,000. Gal.). This tank is then buried in your yard or set on a pad beside your home and the gas piping from your home is connected accordingly.

I smell gas. What should I do?

If you smell gas inside your home, immediately call your local municipality to check for a gas leak inside the home. You can also turn off the gas valve to the fixture in question if it is easily accessible as it should be. Sometimes a gas professional must do a pressure test on your entire gas system to ensure that there are no leaks, or to identify the leaks that are present. Call Tennessee Standard if you need your gas system inspected in the greater Knoxville area.

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Jesse Williamson
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Kelton and Kasey installed a gas line from my main line to an interior fireplace. They were very professional throughout install and on time. Cleaned up their mess and made sure I was comfortable with operating it before they left. I would refer them to anyone knowing they would do the same thing.

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Jesse Williamson
Review from

Kelton and Kasey installed a gas line from my main line to an interior fireplace. They were very professional throughout install and on time. Cleaned up their mess and made sure I was comfortable with operating it before they left. I would refer them to anyone knowing they would do the same thing.

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