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Providing Peace of Mind to Families for 5 Generations

When pipes are chaotic, life gets chaotic. Your family is counting on you to keep peace in your home and we know what it feels like when plumbing problems rob that peace of mind. Our licensed plumbers bring 5 generations of plumbing experience to deliver on a promise: to give Peace of Mind back to your family.

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Certified, Capable, Caring

Peace of Mind. Every Time. 100% Guaranteed.

Our licensed plumbers are dedicated to bringing you Peace of Mind. Every morning is spent learning the latest plumbing practices and technology to make sure that you get the highest quality service in Tennessee. When a Tennessee Standard Plumber is on the way, you’ll get the best care and attention that money can buy.

Our Peace of Mind Process

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Quality Matters.

It’s the Small Details that Matter Most

At Tennessee Standard, we wake the time to have each of our plumbers individually licensed by the state of Tennessee. We celebrate this accomplishment for each of our plumbers by having their business cards laser engraved on metal. Most shops just have technicians that operate under the owner’s license, but we believe that requiring each of our plumbers to pass their state licensing exam improves the craftsmanship and attention to detail that our customers receive when inviting us into their home. We don’t take shortcuts, we raise standards. Just like our business cards, the final product we deliver is made to last.

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Kelton Balka, Owner/Founder

It’s Not Just Business,
It’s Family

At 13 years old, Kelton’s family suffered unexpected tragedy when his mother passed away. During this difficult time, he began learning the plumbing trade, passed down through his mother’s side of the family. After obtaining a college degree in finance and dedicating almost a decade to the plumbing trade, he became one of the youngest master plumbers in the state of Tennessee.

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