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Leak Detection in the Greater Knoxville Area

Slab Leak Detection

Slabs don't slow us down from pinpointing the source of your water leak. Our leak detection specialists will be able to detect the exact location of the leak, and be ready to perform the needed repair.

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Main Water Line Leak Detection

If you have a leak in the yard or under your driveway, the best leak detection experts in Knoxville are ready to help you find it and give you all your options to make sure you get to make the decision that's best for you.

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Irrigation Systems Leak Detection

Irrigation systems keep your lawn looking good, but when they spring a leak, they can be very difficult to find and repair. Our electronic leak detection equipment is capable of finding even the toughest leaks in your sprinkler system to allow successful repair.

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Leak Detection Q&A

Should I be concerned about a small leak?

Unfortunately, a small leak is almost always a growing leak. The longer a leak is allowed to exist, the more damage it does and the faster it grows. Luckily, at Tennessee Standard, leaks hate us because we're so good at finding and eliminating them BEFORE you are past the point of return. If you have a plumbing-related leak, call Tennessee Standard Plumbing and we'll send over one of our leak detection experts to get that leak neutralized ASAP.

Are service line leaks my responsibility?

In almost all cases pertaining to city water, issues on the client's side of the water meter are the responsibility of the property owner and the meter is the responsibility of the city or municipality. If you have a high water bill from a leak in your water service line, that means the water had to flow through the water meter to get recorded and therefore the leak is on your side and is the responsibility of the property owner.

What are the signs of a slab leak?

Here are the top signs of a slab leak in a home with a concrete slab foundation:

  1. You receive consecutive, high water bills
  2. Foundation Cracking
  3. Your pets have found "Hot Spots" on the concrete floor
  4. Distant sound of running water (Especially with copper piping)
  5. Musty or Moldy Smell

What causes a slab leak?

Most residential homes have either a crawlspace, or concrete slab foundation. In a concrete slab foundation, the waterlines to each of the plumbing fixtures are run beneath the concrete since there is no crawlspace for the waterlines to reside. Over time, all waterlines will begin to deteriorate and when one of those underground waterlines develops a leak, it can present some unique challenges. Most people realize they have a slab leak because of a high water bill or, in some cases, visible signs of moisture pushing up through their slab. Often, there are no visible signs of water in the home and the leak just keeps getting worse and worse, wasting thousands of gallons of water. Slab leaks are either caused by poor installation practices or by natural deterioration of the waterlines. Poor installation like sloppy backfilling can create leaks from the waterlines vibrating against rocks in the dirt or because of failing to sleeve the waterlines under the slab.

Do all plumbers do leak detection?

Most plumbing companies do NOT perform real leak detection services with specialized electronic leak detection equipment. Their best technique usually involves randomly poking around in the yard with a probe to see if water comes up. However, most plumbing companies still advertise that they do leak detection because they want to get onsite and sell you a new waterline. At Tennessee Standard Plumbing, we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in specialized leak detection equipment and we hand select our best plumbing techs for our leak detection training program. This allows us to actually pinpoint leaks and give you ALL your options so you can confidently invest in your home. If you are in need of real leak detection services, ask, "Does your company specialize in and have electronic leak detection equipment so that you can pinpoint the location of the leak on my property?" That question should help expose the companies that do not perform real leak detection and help you find the best companies that do.

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