The water coming into your home is far from pure. Whether it’s city water, well water, or even some bottled waters, there are millions of foreign particles in every glass. But by far, the best solution to pure drinking water is a Reverse Osmosis or RO system. By the time you finish reading this article, we know you’ll want to switch to an RO faucet and never look back.

How Does an RO System Work?

A Reverse Osmosis faucet installed at your sink provides perfectly pure water that’s ready on-demand without needing to be refilled manually. Through a series of high-quality filters, tap water is run through an intense purification process and stored in a 5-gallon tank underneath your sink that automatically refills as soon as you start using it.

The first filter pulls out larger sediment and debris that comes in from your water line. Next, the water passes through a premium carbon filter which cleans out most of the remaining contaminants and minerals.

But what really makes the RO system so effective is the special membrane filter. The membrane filter purifies the water down to the molecular level, leaving you with nearly pure H2O!

What Makes an RO Faucet so Special?

If you’re still unsure if the RO system is right for you, consider the many benefits of having one of these faucets installed at your sink.

Money Back in Your Wallet

We did the math. If you bought a bottle of water from the gas station for $1.50, you’re paying $12 a gallon for water! But let’s say you prefer buying water in bulk for about $6 a case. You would still be paying about $4 a gallon.

Both options are more expensive than a gallon of gas! Comparing those prices to purified water from the RO faucet, you’re paying closer to $0.03 per gallon of water. Now that’s more like it.

As Pure as it Gets

Did you know that the labels “purified water” and “spring water” are more than just marketing jargon? These phrases actually indicate the kind of purification process the water was treated with, and in some cases, it’s barely better than tap water.

Water from an RO faucet is truly the purest water available for your home. The purification process is so effective that for every gallon of pure water produced, between 1-4 gallons of water is discarded as unusable waste.

There are many contaminants in your city water that the traditional big-name filter brands can’t remove. For example, microscopic pharmaceutical chemicals that were poured down the drain are recycled to your house in your water from the city. The traditional filters from brands like Brita, PUR, and Berkey don’t have strong enough filters to remove them.

RO filters on the other hand, remove all those harmful residual chemicals. And for less hassle too! RO filters don’t need to be changed monthly like most other standard water filters do.

The Best Tasting Water

We typically think of water as being tasteless. But the reason why some water tastes bad is because of all the unfiltered, and sometimes harmful, leftover contaminants. Bottled water, for example, is packed full of sodium and other minerals that create distinct differences in flavor.

And some water, like water from a well, can taste absolutely awful. The water that comes from your RO faucet, on the other hand, is the purest and freshest tasting water you will ever drink. When most homeowners try it for the first time, they can’t go back.

Completely Hassle Free

If you’ve ever used one of the purification jugs from a big brand, you know how long it can take to refill one, especially if the filter is toward the end of its lifespan. RO systems keep a 5 Gallon reservoir of purified water ready for use underneath the sink which it refills as soon as water starts to leave the tank.

Gone are the days of refilling, waiting, and changing filters out every month when you just need a drink or water to cook with. And for a resource as important and as commonly used as water (we are after all, 60% water!), you’ll wonder why every home in America doesn’t have one installed at their sink.

Your Family Will Love It

Your family will immediately notice the difference when you upgrade to an RO system, and you will feel better knowing that the water they are drinking is better for them. Call us today to get more information about installing an RO faucet in your home!

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