Plumbing Services & Repair in Knoxville, TN

The pride of Tennessee, greater Knoxville is filled with the best people on the planet. We love helping this community solve their plumbing needs.
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The team at Tennessee Standard loves this area.
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What Our Customers are Saying

Tony & Lisa Harris

I had an emergency call about a clogged toilet main drain leading to my septic tank. They were able to come out first thing in the morning, evaluated the situation, gave me an estimate and performed the needed maintenance. They hydrojetted the line and ran a camera through the pipe to show the cast iron was scaling and would be a continuing problem. They even sent me a copy of the video so I could see them it for myself. Very impressed by the quality of the work and the responsiveness of Austin and Kelton.

Lisa Hall

Austin and Bobby were quick, courteous, and professional. I would highly recommend Tennessee Standard.

Erin Stafford

Kelton and Casey were amazing. They were very responsive and able too visit our property quickly. We found out that we had a leak in our shower on Wednesday and Kelton and Casey were able to come out and view the problem on Thursday. They were nice and knowledgeable and were able to fix the problem completely by Monday. I would highly recommend TN Standard and will use them again in the future if/when the need arises.

Bobby Roberts

Showed up on time. Gave me 2 options. Cleaned up great and very good to deal with. I put Tennessee Standard in my approved supplier list for plumbing and gas at my company and home. Did the work a couple of weeks ago and have had no issues.